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Ada's kittens: Inta and Ishim

Less than in a week Ada's kittens will start one by one leave our house.

These two - sister and brother, Inta and Ishim - will live together in Rotterdam. It is their real luck because they get used always to keep together, play together and sleep close to each other.
They were very sweet from the very beginning

 and remain the same in their eleven weeks, only now they are faster and stronger than before.

Inta is very sweet and cuddling girl. She likes to be petted and kissed

Ishim likes to play with his brothers and sisters, but also to be petted, like Inta

We love this little couple and will miss them when they leave us....

 Time passed and these lovely brother and sister got a new home in Rotterdam where they live with Muriel and Job. They got also the new names - Borus and Ica. 
They still keep together and feel happy in their new family

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