Friday 23 December 2011 ShareThis

Our greetings for the Christmas and a New Year

Our three beautiful cats, Darisha, Beata and Ada, kindly agreed to pose for the greeting card.
They enjoy the festive atmosphere  and especially the Christmassy decorations.
For Ada this Christmas is the first in her life and she feels very excited, running around and putting her nose everywhere. Beata gladly joins her, while Darisha, as a real adult lady, watches them from a distance.
At the greeting card they sit quietly all together and pass their heartiest wishes to all the friends and their cats
                          MERRY CHRISTMAS  AND  A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Tuesday 15 November 2011 ShareThis

Ada's first success

Our new young beauty from England, Kremlinkatz Ada.

Being 19 weeks old, she started her Show career in Rijswijk, NL-FIFe, Felikat.

It happened to become really a perfect start - she won BIV and BIS!

We are very glad to have this wonderful and promising Princess! 

And our great 'THANK YOU!'  to Julie Oakley, who has bred such a beautiful girl!

Photos © Jeroen Jonkman

Thursday 20 October 2011 ShareThis

Darisha's sons

Darisha's boys are already very big. They are 14 weeks old and look rather matured.

Although they have different characters, both are very sweet and loving.
Celestin behaves like adult cat

while Clavis-Bell is still childish.

               But when they are in a playing mood it's hardly possible to notice the difference between them.
                                                                     We will miss them!

Monday 26 September 2011 ShareThis

Clavis-Bell and Celestin of 9 weeks

Two brothers play with a stick. 

                       On the background there is their five-weeks-old curious cousin not daring to join the game.

Monday 12 September 2011 ShareThis

Beata and her babies

They were helpless, tiny, fluffy lumps at the very beginning.

The only things they could do - to sleep and to eat.

 After a week they already came for a walk to explore the space of their home-box.

But they were still very little to be awake too long, and they continued to sleep and to eat...

Day by day they became bigger and periods of sleeping and eating alternated 

with longer periods of walking and playing

And they have been removed from the native box to the more spacious manege

Their mother Beata can allow herself to take a break and relax from time to time out of the "family" place.

And at last these boys in their four weeks are big enough to be distinguished by personal names: 

Damian,   Daniil,   Dante  and  Darwin

Tuesday 16 August 2011 ShareThis

Litter D

D - 14.08.11: 4 kittens /4 mal./

* red means reserved

For reservation


CH Beata de Caritates

She is very friendly, sociable, playful and sweet. She is still a bit childish but is very responsible to her first motherhood... MORE...

IC Bond Jetyx *CZ

Despite of his young age Bond is a typical representative of the breed. He is elegant, charming and very friendly. Visit Bond's home

Beata has kittens!

Hurray! After a labor all four are here.  Now the young Mother can take a rest.

But the babies need to eat regularly.  So, mama is always on duty.
The babies are well fed and happy.

In one day old they still look like embryos.

While having a break Beata constantly keeps her babies close to herself.

She did everything perfectly!

Clavis-Bell and Celestin 5 weeks old

It is very pleasant to be all together in the safe place inside of the manege
                                       But also is very interesting to see what is there, behind the "wall"
                                                                       It looks interesting...
                                                                  Maybe to try to get out?
                                                               But not for today.
                                                 Now is time to sleep under mama's protection
                                                                   at the favorite place
                                                                     z-z-z-z-z.. ... . .  .    .

Sunday 14 August 2011 ShareThis

Demjan and Dorofej

 These two boys from the very beginning were inclined to each other. 

Not to say that they ignored other brothers, but mostly they stuck together.  

And by characters they perfectly complement each other.

Fortunately, they have not been separated when there came time to move to the new home in De Meern, 
where Robert and Saskia Bakker surround them with love and care 

Daniil and Darwin

They were the sweetest couple from their birth.
Darwin has a darker coat while Daniil's is very light and silver

 The cozy round hammock was their favorite place to rest and sleep

Now they are happily live in Wassenaar in the loving family Taubert with Maria, Kathrin, Max and Wolfgang

There they have enough space to play and explore new environment

And enjoy the cozy bed of Max ;)

Thursday 28 July 2011 ShareThis

Two brothers are two weeks old

Clavis-Bell and Celestin are obviously changed during the second week. They react already at the surrounders, play, try to climb up the litter-box and even run, what is very funny. And already now there is a noticeable  difference in their characters: 

Clavis-Bell has a loud voice and prefers to stay in the litter-box,  

while Celestin is relaxed, adventurous, with a quiet voice.

They both are very sweet!

 Darisha constantly watches them, not leaving alone even for a moment.

And Beata, who was at the beginning very hesitant to come close to the babies, now shows very big interest and even tries to take care of them. It is her first training for the coming motherhood.