Friday 29 June 2012 ShareThis

Their first walk

The kittens are five weeks old. They have their first walk outside on the balcony.

Mummy Beata  and the best friend Ada watch the kids and amuse themselves by hunting the fly

Thursday 7 June 2012 ShareThis

Walking, playing - enjoying the movement

Beata's babies are two weeks old. They learn how to walk instead of  crawling, how to play together in addition to sleeping and eating.  They are very-very cute :)

Tuesday 5 June 2012 ShareThis

Darisha has kittens

Two babies, two wonderful girls Darisha presented to us yesterday by cesarean.
These two little girls are like the cherries on the top of the tart, like two beautiful diamonds in the crown of Darisha's Supreme Championship.
Do you like to know why? Because they are her last babies.
Because Darisha experiences her motherhood the last time in her life.
Because our Darisha has been spayed yesterday...
Now Darisha is four years old. She delivered in total nine beautiful kittens, one better than another, always being for them a devoted and careful mother.

We are very proud of our sweet wonderful girl!

Monday 4 June 2012 ShareThis

Litter F

F - 04.06.12: 2 female kittens

  • Fenya
  • Fedora

  • Parents

      SC Darisha von Atmosphär Cologne

    Darisha is a beautiful little-sized cat with a graceful body and very sweet nature. She is charming, elegant and very serious. Her main mission is Motherhood. She is devoted and careful mother to all her babies.. MORE...

    Sashova Bolshoi Almaz

    Bolshoi was born in England. He is a super sweet boy with a very gentle character. He likes to cuddle and sit on the laps, he enjoys the sun while laying in his cradle and appreciates to watch  birds and different insects.
    With the visiting females he behaves like a real gentleman, patiently waiting until they will be ready for his courtship...
    More about Bolshoi..

    Saturday 2 June 2012 ShareThis

    Adusya's entertainment

    Watching the birds outside the curtains...

     and then back inside again 

                                                Full satisfaction!

    Friday 1 June 2012 ShareThis

    Litter E - four brothers and one sister

    No matter how small they are - only three days old! - but already very curious :)

                      They always stick together - eating, sleeping, exploring of the surrounding space

          Who is laying so close to Mummy? Of course, it's her little daughter, the only girl of five babies.
                                                              It is very touching, indeed...
    Here it is - the future beautiful lady