Wednesday 29 June 2011 ShareThis


Two future mamas take a nap in a day time

Thursday 23 June 2011 ShareThis

Learning while eating

Tuesday 7 June 2011 ShareThis

ECHO. 07.06.11

Yesterday Darisha has been tested by ECHO.
There are kittens already visible inside!
How many? TWO!
Ok, agree, not so much.
But, we are sure, they will be special not by quantity but by quality.
So, we are ready to keep patience one month more and then will be happy to greet this little sweet couple together with their wonderful mama Darisha :)

Thursday 2 June 2011 ShareThis

Darisha's mate-fellow 2011

It is Marvin von Rhiannon, Marvin of Blue Sinfonie. 
He is ending his "working" career and starting with a honored pension.

Darisha was his last girl-friend, his last love :)