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Ada's kittens: Istra, Ilmen and Irtysh

The time of farewell is close.
Today  the the kittens got the last vaccination and chipping.
The passports and pedigrees are also ready.

So, some photos for our good memory before all Ada's babies will leave our house.

From their very first days they get used to be always together -
together slept

together ate

 together played

and experienced contacts with another cats

But after a certain time there come a moment when while by while they try to be independent to follow their own wishes whether it concerns sleeping, eating or playing.
They are still happy to be all together with their mother and with us, although not for a long any more...  And we wish each of them a very happy life in their new families!

This boy has a very strong character, he perfectly knows what he wants and  always manage to get it
                                                                                                  Istra was waiting her turn to be photoed 

                                                                   and here she is

Ilmen moved to Amsterdam to Jiening & Shijing. He has a great luck of getting there in his new family also a new cat-friend Gino, the Brits. Very soon they became real friends and very much appreciated by their new "mom"and "dad". His new name is simple - Kittie :)


 In the beginning Istra was also rather demanding and pushing in the reaching her goals, but now she is softer and quieter than before 

Now Istra lives in Amsterdam and has a new name Charly. She feels absolutely happy and relaxed in her new family with her new loving human mama Fia

Irtysh has a very well balanced character - he happily participates in all the activities with his brothers and sisters, he always ready to eat when the food is offered and he never shows his disagreement or dissatisfaction with anything

Irtysh found his new home in Utrecht in the friendly family of four - mother, father and two sisters.
At the beginning itt was not so easy for him to accept the absence of his brothers and sisters. but in a few days he get used to his new home and appreciated the communication with his new family members 

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