Friday 29 June 2012 ShareThis

Their first walk

The kittens are five weeks old. They have their first walk outside on the balcony.

Mummy Beata  and the best friend Ada watch the kids and amuse themselves by hunting the fly

Thursday 7 June 2012 ShareThis

Walking, playing - enjoying the movement

Beata's babies are two weeks old. They learn how to walk instead of  crawling, how to play together in addition to sleeping and eating.  They are very-very cute :)

Tuesday 5 June 2012 ShareThis

Darisha has kittens

Two babies, two wonderful girls Darisha presented to us yesterday by cesarean.
These two little girls are like the cherries on the top of the tart, like two beautiful diamonds in the crown of Darisha's Supreme Championship.
Do you like to know why? Because they are her last babies.
Because Darisha experiences her motherhood the last time in her life.
Because our Darisha has been spayed yesterday...
Now Darisha is four years old. She delivered in total nine beautiful kittens, one better than another, always being for them a devoted and careful mother.

We are very proud of our sweet wonderful girl!

Monday 4 June 2012 ShareThis

Litter F

F - 04.06.12: 2 female kittens

  • Fenya
  • Fedora

  • Parents

      SC Darisha von Atmosphär Cologne

    Darisha is a beautiful little-sized cat with a graceful body and very sweet nature. She is charming, elegant and very serious. Her main mission is Motherhood. She is devoted and careful mother to all her babies.. MORE...

    Sashova Bolshoi Almaz

    Bolshoi was born in England. He is a super sweet boy with a very gentle character. He likes to cuddle and sit on the laps, he enjoys the sun while laying in his cradle and appreciates to watch  birds and different insects.
    With the visiting females he behaves like a real gentleman, patiently waiting until they will be ready for his courtship...
    More about Bolshoi..

    Saturday 2 June 2012 ShareThis

    Adusya's entertainment

    Watching the birds outside the curtains...

     and then back inside again 

                                                Full satisfaction!

    Friday 1 June 2012 ShareThis

    Litter E - four brothers and one sister

    No matter how small they are - only three days old! - but already very curious :)

                      They always stick together - eating, sleeping, exploring of the surrounding space

          Who is laying so close to Mummy? Of course, it's her little daughter, the only girl of five babies.
                                                              It is very touching, indeed...
    Here it is - the future beautiful lady

    Thursday 24 May 2012 ShareThis

    Beata did this!

    Yesterday morning, 23.05.12, Beata presented to us her five newly-born kittens.
    The first boy appeared at 5:30 and the last one at 7:30.

    There are four boys and only one beautiful girl according the first observation.
    All the babies are equal in size, weight, color and rather active.
    Mama and kittens are fine.

    This is the second time Beatje pleases us with her wonderful offspring.

    We are very happy :)

    Wednesday 23 May 2012 ShareThis

    Litter E

    E - 23.05.12: 5 kittens /1 fem. and 4 mal./

    • Elane
    • Eros-Nero
    • Emyl
    • Egor
    • Edric
    * red means reserved


      GIC Beata de Caritates

    Beatje is amazingly sweet cat. She is very sociable and friendly to everyone. She is the last one who could cause any problem, preferring to avoid any provoking situation. This her feature helps to keep good peace in the cats' family. She is devoted to her babies and provides them a perfect care and love... MORE...

    Kashyk Polyakov Tovarich (Rusty)

    Rusty is originated from England. He is very lovable cat. Being very considerate stud he is a father of several beautiful sons and daughters. He treats the visiting ladies like a true gentleman, with love and patience, perfectly knowing when and how to satisfy their expectations. Rusty is a great treasure.  Rusty's home

    Thursday 10 May 2012 ShareThis

    One of the best attraction

    Like many other cats our girls love to get into different bags, boxes, packages.  The carton boxes seems to be the greatest attraction for them 

    It is so funny to stumble unexpectedly on one of the girls hidden in the full and covered package. We always wonder how they can do this! :)

    Friday 4 May 2012 ShareThis

    Our expectations (cont.)

    The echo-test is done.

     Accordingly, Beata has five embryos while  Darisha has two.

    We are ready to meet their little cute babies in appropriate time  and impationately look forward for this exciting event.                                                                                                                                                          

    Friday 27 April 2012 ShareThis

    In expectation...

    Two our sweet ladies, Darisha and Beata, are pregnant.
    According our calculation Beata has to deliver in the 20-s of May

     and Darisha in 10 days later.

    On Wednesday, the 2 of May, we plan to check them both with ultrasound to be sure that everything is normal.
    And for now they both are rather quiet and dreamy - the real sweet girls :)

    Tuesday 10 April 2012 ShareThis


    In the passed Easter shows in Apeldoorn Darisha and Beata got the last needed certificates for their new titles. Now Darisha von Atmosphär Cologne is a Supreme Champion
    and Beata de Caritates is a Great International Champion.
    We are very proud of our beautiful ladies :)

    Our young Ada is now only at the beginning of her show career. Since May she may enter the competitions in an Open Class to collect the points for her first title "Champion".
    In  the Junior Classes (11,10) she showed perfect results being nominated 5 times for the "Best In Show" in different countries and acknowledged as "Best In Variety" and "Best In Show" in the Rijswijk show.
    We hope for her further success and high estimations in the future shows.

    Friday 30 March 2012 ShareThis

    Love story

    Noble couple - Darisha von Atmosphär Cologne and Sashova Bolshoi Almaz
    at their first meeting

    Thursday 29 March 2012 ShareThis

    Our achievements

    During two passed months of 2012, January and March, our cats participated in several shows in different countries. Besides of being estimated everywhere by ex.I they also have been acknowledged as the better representatives of the RUS breed.

    So, being a Great International Champion, Darisha has been presented in class 3 and was BIV in Sent Quentin

    Int.Ch. (5 class) Beata was twice BIV, in Offenburg and Saint Quentin, and also BIS in St.Quentin

    Our youngest Ada participated in junior class 10 and has been Nominated for BIS four times - in Haarlem, Isselburg, Offenburg and St.Quentin.


    We are satisfied with their results and very much proud of our beautiful girls.

    Saturday 4 February 2012 ShareThis

    Their first snow...

    Beata's boys, Demjan and Dorofej, enjoy their first snow. They reach already 6 month and continue enrich themselves with  new exciting experiences.
    Here is an excerpt from a Robert's letter:
    Yesterday they saw snow for the first time; it was really funny how they walked (shaking the leg with every step) and jumping with four legs at the same time.

    And now they want to go out to play all the time,

     but at the same time want to be inside (where its warm).

    Oh, oh, so difficult being a little cat ;-) 

    They are a joy!