Kurilean Bobtail

"Look! Along with a rich variety of colorful coats such a short tail!"

Afina and Bagira - two young Princess of the authentic Kurilean Islands. They arrived here to demonstrate their beautiful originality to Europe.

IC Afina Kuryan Snow

Her bright coat gives impression of the courageous and brave character. But in reality she is very shy and rather scared...

She gives impression of being so called "demure persona", but in reality she is absolutely different...

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Russian Blue

"Wow, she is amazing, she is cute and, yes, she is Blue from neat pretty head to neat pretty tail!"

Two beautiful Queens, Beata and Ada. Although, each of them is perfect in it’s own individuality they both may be taken as an striking example of the original type of Russian Blue.

GIC Kremlinkatz Ada De Caritates

Adusja like a little star symbolizes peace and love in the house. She is from England and her main characteristic is friendliness to everyone...

SC Beata De Caritates

Her eyes of a perfect almond shape were filled at the beginning with bright marshy-greenish light which changed in a coarse of time to a distinct green.