Thursday 28 July 2011 ShareThis

Two brothers are two weeks old

Clavis-Bell and Celestin are obviously changed during the second week. They react already at the surrounders, play, try to climb up the litter-box and even run, what is very funny. And already now there is a noticeable  difference in their characters: 

Clavis-Bell has a loud voice and prefers to stay in the litter-box,  

while Celestin is relaxed, adventurous, with a quiet voice.

They both are very sweet!

 Darisha constantly watches them, not leaving alone even for a moment.

And Beata, who was at the beginning very hesitant to come close to the babies, now shows very big interest and even tries to take care of them. It is her first training for the coming motherhood.

Thursday 21 July 2011 ShareThis

Litter C

C - 11.07.11: 2 kittens /2 mal./

* red means reserved

For reservation


GIC Darisha von Atmosphär Cologne

She is charming, elegant and very serious by nature. Her main mission is Motherhood. She is a perfect devoted and care-taking mother to all her babies.. MORE...

GIC Marvin of Blue Sinfonie

During many years he is the master of the house of Rhiannon, the starring idol of the Ladies team.
He is very loving and cuddly. His super coat, strong athletic figure and a perfect eye-set guarantee his success.
Visit Marvin's home

Monday 18 July 2011 ShareThis

Beata's expectations

Our Beata became a real Lady. She has been mated for the first time.
Although she still likes to play and run, but it happens not so often like before. She is more quiet and sleeps a lot.
Today we brought her for the Echo and now she recovers from that experience at her favourite place.

One week old

Darisha's sweet boys have today their first celebration of first week. 
They already get their names - Clavis-Bell and Celestin. 
Here is their first movie, where they tried  to present themselves in a best way :))

Monday 11 July 2011 ShareThis

Clavis-Bell and Celestin

They appeared later for a week by a Cesarean. 
Due to that they were bigger and developed faster.

They always kept together

And now they live together in Sterksel (Eindhoven)
in the friendly family of
Ton, Anita en Vienna van der Vorst
They have now very sweet nick-names Pep and Finn

Celestin and Clavis-Bell

Their favorite place

to sit...

and to sleep

Darisha has her babies!
This morning, on the 70-th day after the mating, having no any puerperal activity, she got her babies with a Cesarean section. The babies, seemingly two boys, are rather big, 114 and 122 grams. All three feel themselves perfect.

Clavis-Bell and Celestin's weekdays

 Two little brothers like to train themselves at the climbing pole. Every day brings them a new experience

While becoming more and more self-supportive they are allowed to play at the balcony, where they find the cosy place for their rest