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Litter M

M - 13.01.15: 4 kittens - one female 3 males

  • Maya-Massandra KBL ns
  • Midori KBL n 09
  • Merlot KBL ns 03 23
  • Muscatl KBL e 09 22
* red means reserved

For reservation

more about these kittens should be found here


IC Afina de Caritates KBL f

She is beautiful with her chic turtle coat and emerald eyes. She is serious and loving, although a bit shy. And she is a perfect careful mother... MORE...

NL *Boris Kuriles (Timo) /KBL ns 09 22

Timo  is very sweet and friendly. His fluffy silverish coat has very nice smoky shadows. He is very patient with female guests and demonstrates them his care and love...