Thursday 24 May 2012 ShareThis

Beata did this!

Yesterday morning, 23.05.12, Beata presented to us her five newly-born kittens.
The first boy appeared at 5:30 and the last one at 7:30.

There are four boys and only one beautiful girl according the first observation.
All the babies are equal in size, weight, color and rather active.
Mama and kittens are fine.

This is the second time Beatje pleases us with her wonderful offspring.

We are very happy :)

Wednesday 23 May 2012 ShareThis

Litter E

E - 23.05.12: 5 kittens /1 fem. and 4 mal./

  • Elane
  • Eros-Nero
  • Emyl
  • Egor
  • Edric
* red means reserved


  GIC Beata de Caritates

Beatje is amazingly sweet cat. She is very sociable and friendly to everyone. She is the last one who could cause any problem, preferring to avoid any provoking situation. This her feature helps to keep good peace in the cats' family. She is devoted to her babies and provides them a perfect care and love... MORE...

Kashyk Polyakov Tovarich (Rusty)

Rusty is originated from England. He is very lovable cat. Being very considerate stud he is a father of several beautiful sons and daughters. He treats the visiting ladies like a true gentleman, with love and patience, perfectly knowing when and how to satisfy their expectations. Rusty is a great treasure.  Rusty's home

Thursday 10 May 2012 ShareThis

One of the best attraction

Like many other cats our girls love to get into different bags, boxes, packages.  The carton boxes seems to be the greatest attraction for them 

It is so funny to stumble unexpectedly on one of the girls hidden in the full and covered package. We always wonder how they can do this! :)

Friday 4 May 2012 ShareThis

Our expectations (cont.)

The echo-test is done.

 Accordingly, Beata has five embryos while  Darisha has two.

We are ready to meet their little cute babies in appropriate time  and impationately look forward for this exciting event.