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What a world!

Darisha's kittens are very active in their one month. They even dare to climb up the short scratch-pole to observe the big surrounding "world" from the height.

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Darisha and Camelia

It is absolutely amazing to see how Darisha and Camelia take care of the each other's kittens! It seems, they don't differentiatew who is whoes. Look yourself - at one picture is Darisha, at another - Camelia

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Berengar (Berny)

In his eight weeks little Berny looks like a real gentleman. He is serious and responsible. But he ecstatically partisipates all the activities of his brothers and sisters. Berny also lives in Den Haag, like his brother Baduric. He is adopted with a great love by a young family of Larissa and Robert.


She is cute and touching. She is playful and very childish. She is not so big in size but very compact and proportional. She deserves love and lots of hugs.

Bolle (Boleck)

Boleck is very special by character. All the time he followes you, tries to climb up your leg, always ready to play. He is hyperactive like a quicksilver. It is really very difficult to catch a moment to make a good picture of him, and when ultimately you click, you get only his back in the photo. He likes to be caressed and kissed. He is very sweet, indeed. Today he joined his brother Baduric in the very friendly family of Adriana Oele and her two older cats in Den Haag.

Baduric (Badu)

Badu is a beautiful boy. He has a very nice coat, thick, light, with a silver tipping. His eyes look as if being pencilled with black. He is very playful in his active moments but also he can be serious and quiet, like a mature cat. Now Badu lives in Den Haag in the hospitable home of caretaking Adriana Oele and her two Russian Blue cats Momo and Enzo. His new home-name is Maks

Litter B

B - 23.05.10: 5 kittens /2 fem. and 3 mal./

* red means reserved

For reservation


Camelia iz Skazochnoj Stranji
Camelia originates from Russia. Her parents belong to the pure authentic type of the RUS breed which determines her firm body-structure and thick plush fur. Her eyes have a perfect almond shape filled with bright marshy-greenish light...

Keehotay Gurindji Matong
He is a friend for everybody and a favourite of everyone. Although, he can play on his own, his best pleasure is to sit on the owners' laps purring like a little motor.
Guri was born 19.04.06 in Queensland, Australia
Visit Gurindji's Home


Begina is the very first girl of Camelia. She is very sweet and lovely. Her coat resembles thick plush and due to this she looks like a plush toy. She is very playful and curious.

God's Blessing

This morning our Camelia delivered five beautiful babies. It is very special when babies born on such a major celebration in the Christian Church. They say, from their very first moment the babies get blessings and they will be very special among the others. We'll see. But we hope it is true. Thanks God, for such a wonderful gift on Whitsunday!

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These intelligent Russian Blues

Intelligent Blue Cat Impressed by high intelegence of Russian Blue cats, some artists portrayed them moon dreaming, books selecting, admiring flowers.
Flower! Fish! Meat!

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