Monday 26 September 2011 ShareThis

Clavis-Bell and Celestin of 9 weeks

Two brothers play with a stick. 

                       On the background there is their five-weeks-old curious cousin not daring to join the game.

Monday 12 September 2011 ShareThis

Beata and her babies

They were helpless, tiny, fluffy lumps at the very beginning.

The only things they could do - to sleep and to eat.

 After a week they already came for a walk to explore the space of their home-box.

But they were still very little to be awake too long, and they continued to sleep and to eat...

Day by day they became bigger and periods of sleeping and eating alternated 

with longer periods of walking and playing

And they have been removed from the native box to the more spacious manege

Their mother Beata can allow herself to take a break and relax from time to time out of the "family" place.

And at last these boys in their four weeks are big enough to be distinguished by personal names: 

Damian,   Daniil,   Dante  and  Darwin