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Litter K

K - 04.03.14: 4 kittens /1 fem. and 3 mal./

  • Karadag KBL n
  • Koktebel KBL as 03 23
  • Krymchak KBL ns 03
  • Kerchana KBL ns 03


IC Bagira Kuryan Snow (KBL n)

This beautiful black cat resembles a real Bagheera, the panther, with her elegant gracefulness and tricky character. But contrary to her wild namesake she is friendly to everyone, very curious and likes to be petted.


NL *Boris Kuriles (Timo) /KBL ns 09 22

Timo is a wonderful cat in all aspects. He is very sweet and friendly by character,  and his fluffy silverish coat has very nice smoky shadows. He is very patient with the female cats and shows them his friendliness, care and attention..


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