The care of the future kittens depends on their parents health condition.
Our cats are vaccinated against cat flu, cat disease, leukemia, rabies and Chlamydia, regularly tested on FIV, FeFL, HCM and PKD.
Correspondingly all our kittens get the necessary health care: Vaccinations against flu, cat disease, chlamydia, calicivirus, and leukaemia, deworming, chipping.
Kittens get their Health Certificates and EU pet passports.

When our kittens are transferred to you, they get a FIFe Pedigree and a Sales Contract, for the purpose of our mutual security. More important, it is for the safety of the cat.
The purchase agreement is legally valid and not subject to change. Just as we honor the contract, we expect the same of the buyers of our cats.
The price for one kitten of the pet quality (not for the further breeding) is €850. 
This sum includes the prepayment of €200 per kitten which has to be paid as a reservation fee.

We would like to be aware of the potential buyer's family circumstances and appreciate some additional information:
  • are there any children in the family; how many?
  • are there any other pets; what are they?
  • what is the sole purpose of this kitten in your home?
We would like to be sure that our perfect kittens will get corresponding perfect living and loving conditions in their new homes.


The kittens are born in a box in our apartment. The first three weeks they stay in it with their mother. Then kittens leave their birth house and start to explore the space of our apartment. Whether bedroom, bathroom or living room, our babies can move freely throughout the home. Our kitchen is the only exception at the times we cook (the hot stove is just too dangerous).
From the very first days the babies grow in the close contact with everyone in our household, people and other cats. In this way they learn how to socialize, which is very important for their development.
High-quality wet or dry food are always available for the kittens, as soon as they are on their own. All cats' children are part of our family and we are trying to teach them everything they could face in future. To strengthen their character our kittens grow with all the everyday sounds, such as vacuum cleaner, blender, TV, music, or any other everyday noise.
Sure, every child is unique and Russian Blue cats' character is very different.

Potential owner

You can start visiting our kittens from about the age of six weeks. However, they will only leave us within the 13 weeks of life.
Experience has shown that they simply need this time in order to develop properly and to become socialized.

Very important!

If you strive for having pleasure with your pet, never allow your animal to suffer of the loneliness. Your pet has to have a good companion of it's own type - a dog for a dog, a cat for a cat - to satisfy their need of companionship.
For a cat's well being we prefer not to sell our kittens to people who do not have or plan to get another pet.

An example of the (breeding allowed) contract which we use, can be found here

For reservation

What does a Kitten Dream of...?

Bright, nodding flowers, gay butterflies?
Sweet-scented grass, blue summer skies?
Cool woodland path and dancing leaves?
Sunlight glinting through tall trees?

A puff of down gently touched by paw,
To float up and away till seen no more?
He dreams of a kitten are gossamer things
A slight hint of breeze, a faint rustle of wings?

The dreams of a kitten are too precious to say,
And the fey mists of time, they must melt away...

Anthology of the Verse, Joan Moore, 1979

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