Sunday 27 June 2010 ShareThis

Back to Mamma

It comes time to abandon Ma's protection and explore the surroundings. Although, not for a long for the first time. And then back, to Mamma and the kids

Together with Mamma

It is so great to be with Mamma, when Ma takes care about us, when we feel her support and love...

Monday 21 June 2010 ShareThis

7 weeks

They are already make up a good united team, these little Darisha's babies. And their eyes, dark-blue at the beggining, more and more change their colour for green.

Tuesday 15 June 2010 ShareThis

"For everything there is an appointed time..."

...a time to play, a time to eat and a time to sleep

Thursday 10 June 2010 ShareThis

Locked up!

Today I locked the kittens up while was cleaning their playpen. It was rather strange experience for them and for their Mammas. They didn't cry to be let out, they tried to do it themselves. And Moms supported their "poor" children with all possible means. But very soon kids fall asleep and didn't want to move back to their usual and cosy playpen

The Pinniped Cat

It was not so easy to understand the way Camelia managed to lay such an interesting way :)

Tuesday 8 June 2010 ShareThis


Camelia likes to sit at the highest spot in the balcony observing surroundings. These moments she resembles a captain at the captain's bridge. And her eyes in such moments change their marshy colour to a distinctive green

Sunday 6 June 2010 ShareThis

New experiences

What an exciting experience to learn how to eat from the bowl what are these funny pieces in the box for - to play with or ... ;) We are five weeks old and every day we learn something new and interesting

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