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Ada's kittens: Inta and Ishim

Less than in a week Ada's kittens will start one by one leave our house.

These two - sister and brother, Inta and Ishim - will live together in Rotterdam. It is their real luck because they get used always to keep together, play together and sleep close to each other.
They were very sweet from the very beginning

 and remain the same in their eleven weeks, only now they are faster and stronger than before.

Inta is very sweet and cuddling girl. She likes to be petted and kissed

Ishim likes to play with his brothers and sisters, but also to be petted, like Inta

We love this little couple and will miss them when they leave us....

 Time passed and these lovely brother and sister got a new home in Rotterdam where they live with Muriel and Job. They got also the new names - Borus and Ica. 
They still keep together and feel happy in their new family

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Bagira's kittens of the litter K

Our beloved black Bagira delighted us on the 4-th of March with her first litter of four beautiful babies, three boys and one girl .
She delivered her babies into the same litter-box where  two weeks before Afina brought her three babies. Since then they both take care of their "common" babies without dividing  them on "yours" and "mine".

Bagira's babies resemble their parents with  the coat colouring combination of black-grey-white.
And one boy is totally black, like his mom.

To demonstrate our sympathy and solidarity to Ukraine due to the sad event of the Krym annexation which is the motherland of Afina and Bagira,  all her babies are named with different Crimea's places.

So, the black boy has a name Kara-dag what in Crimean-Tatar language means "black mountain"; this is the name of the ancient volcanic mountain in Krym.

The boy with many grey and white stripes and the black along the spine is named Koktebel. This is the name of the valley and the bay at the foot of the Vulcan Kara-dag; in Crimean-Tatar it means "Land of blue hills".

The third boy got a name Krymchak - the meaning is clear and doesn't need any additional explanation. He has very interesting spots of dark and white on his coat, similar to the dark and white spots of the  Krym's history.

And the sweet girl has a wonderful name Kerchana by analogy to the ancient city Kerch, which is located on the coast at the Kerch Strait. 

The white line between her two eyes resembles the strait between the Azov and Black Seas.

To learn more about this very special breed Kurilean Bobtails and to order  the kittens you may at the website "Kortstaartige Wonder"  @

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Kittens of Ada are about 9 weeks

It's rather difficult to photo them, they don't want to pose or sit still even for a second.
So, the better solution is to film them during their activities. Although, it is not so easy, as well ;)
The quality of the videos is far from perfect but still it gives the idea how playful and curious they are now

And this is the girl with red band, Istra. She likes to know everything and to get everywhere.

Inta (right) and Ishym (left) at the balcony on one of the sunny days of March

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Litter K

K - 04.03.14: 4 kittens /1 fem. and 3 mal./

  • Karadag KBL n
  • Koktebel KBL as 03 23
  • Krymchak KBL ns 03
  • Kerchana KBL ns 03


IC Bagira Kuryan Snow (KBL n)

This beautiful black cat resembles a real Bagheera, the panther, with her elegant gracefulness and tricky character. But contrary to her wild namesake she is friendly to everyone, very curious and likes to be petted.


NL *Boris Kuriles (Timo) /KBL ns 09 22

Timo is a wonderful cat in all aspects. He is very sweet and friendly by character,  and his fluffy silverish coat has very nice smoky shadows. He is very patient with the female cats and shows them his friendliness, care and attention..