Thursday, 17 October 2013 ShareThis

Autumn days

Rain, rain, cloudy grey sky, wind and again rain...
There is no any fun for the cats.
Usually they like to spend time at the balcony by watching the birds or hunting the flies, but on the grey Autumn days they could hardly please themselves with such amusement...

Ada  is the first who feels annoyed

she decides to move to the room to watch the rain from the inside

Very soon Afina and Bagira follow her as well. They prefer better to eat a bit

and then to take a nap in a cozy place under the table z-z-z-z.....

Such days are very boring for everyone, indeed...

Sunday, 21 July 2013 ShareThis

Ada's kittens one by one leave our home. Part II

Harkiv and Hmelnik de Caritates

This morning two sweet brothers Harkiv and Hmelnik also left us for their new home.
They live now in Alphen Gld. with very nice family of Andrea Looren de Jong, her husband and their two sons.
Boys were very soon adopted to the new place and were very much impressed with many interesting things around. They got new nick-names Tjodor and Uzor (their father's name :) )
We are very glad and hope they will be happy in their new home together with this very friendly family.

Saturday, 20 July 2013 ShareThis

Ada's kittens one by one leave our home. Part I

20.07 - Horiv Hariton de Caritates

Horiv was the first, who left us, his Mum, siblings and friends Kurilean Bobtails.
He went to Germany, Bruchsal, to the cattery  Russisch Blau von Malyschka.
The breeders Natalia and Ralf Pospiech like him very much and look forward for the interesting litters.
But this will be in the future. And today he had his first thrilling experience - the long trip in the car.

At the end of the exploring the car he was so tired that took a rest in the cage at the back seat in the toilet box. He looked fully satisfied :)

At his new home
his nick-name is Tosha :)

Sunday, 23 June 2013 ShareThis

Litter H. Kids steadily grow up

They are 9 weeks and tomorrow is their first vaccination. 

Every day they become stronger, faster and bigger. 

They are very lovely and sweet :)

Sunday, 2 June 2013 ShareThis

Beata's kittens van Nestje G in hun nieuwe thuis


In haar nieuwe thuis in Maastricht kreeg Galinka een andere naam: Pip.
Zij deelt het huis met lieve Will en de oudere poes Lola.
Ze voelen zich allemaal gelukkig samen


Ganusja woont in Diemen, vlakbij A-dam, met het liefdevolle koppel , Patricia en Rob. 
Hun liefde en zorg hielpen Ganusja zich gemakkelijk aan te passen aan de nieuwe omgeving
Daar is ook een goede vriend voor haar, een Russich Blauwe poes Pixie. 


Golubok is nu Sam. Hij woont in Nijmegen.
Zijn gezin bestaat uit Sabine, Maurice en de Kurillean Bobtail Maura.
Ze delen hun vriendschap met elkaar en hebben veel plezier samen. 




Gorlick werd op eerste gezicht verliefd op Lisanne. Nu woont hij samen met haar in Utrecht.
Hoewel er geen andere kat is om vriendschap mee te sluiten, voelt hij zich absoluut gelukkig met de zorgzame bescherming van zijn beste menseljke vriend :) 


Groschick is naar Amersfoort verhuisd.
Hij woont daar in het prachtige jonge gezin van Iris en Dénis, samen met hun zoontje Liam. Groschik en hij werden de beste vrienden :)