Wednesday 29 September 2010 ShareThis


Badu and Bolle always together...

Thursday 16 September 2010 ShareThis

Kittens are available!!!

There are two kittens of the Litter A are available again due to the family circumstances of their owners..
Athanas and Annely, 7 months old, are very charming and sweet. They are sterilized and vaccinated.

Wednesday 8 September 2010 ShareThis

Begina and Beata

Begina and Beata are always together. They follow each other in everything. And even when there happen quiet moments for relaxation they can not stay apart for a long.

Monday 6 September 2010 ShareThis

At the new place

Badu and, after a week, Bolle met again in their new home. It was not so easy for them to recognize each other from the first glance, but very soon it happened.

Now they are absolutely happy to spend all the time together...