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Litter J

J - 19.02.14: 3 kittens /1 fem. and 2 mal./

  • Jinky-Binky male KBL e 09 22
  • Juicy-Berry fem.  KBL d 09 22
  • Jocker  male KBL ns 09 22


IC Afina de Caritates KBL f

Afina is a very sweet beautiful cat.
Her bright coloring gives impression of the courageous and brave character but in reality she is a bit shy. She is rather curious and like to play.


IC Anrian Le Brave Grand Pompon *RU (Julius) KBL ds 03 23

Julius is a very sweet, affectionate cat from the cattery "Lucky Paws".
Due to its unique bloodline Julius is perfect for the mating with different types of the KB females and always produce a high quality offspring.


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