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Afina's first litter

In the night of the 19-th February Afina delivered her babies. She became mamma :)
And we got the first litter of the Kurillean Bobtails what is very exciting and challenging.

Our beloved Fifa did everything perfectly and from the very first moment took a perfect care of her babies.

There are three beautiful babies, two red and one black with a bit of white.
From the first observation there is one girl (in the center) and two boys.

The black boy has very interesting white spotting

The previously considered names are
for the boys Jinky-Binky (red) and  Jocker (black)
and for the girl Juicy-Berry

Now the babies enjoy their very first days by eating and sleeping and their happy mother doesn't leave them and takes care of them with a great devotion

On the third day the sweeties weight already per 150g

They became more active and the black Jocker even tries to explore the surroundings :)

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Bibi de Weert said...

Congratulations with this beautyful litter...