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Kittens "I" are five weeks old

They were born in the litter box. And for a few weeks when they were able only eat and sleep that box was very cozy and satisfactory for their needs.

But after three weeks they became more active and needed more space.
The litter box appeared too small for their needs and Ada asked for the removal ;)

The family has been moved to the playpen  and the babies got more freedom for their further development.

Only one week later, when they reach their four weeks, the babies got interested in mamma's dry food and found it's taste rather good, as well.  It meant that they would need to get their own food and the toilet box in addition. The size of the playpen is not big enough for all these extra equipment.
So, what?  The new removal...

In the new big manege is lots of space for playing, climbing up, sleeping and doing many other very necessary and important things for the proper training and a happy growing up :)

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