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Atris is a full copy of her Mama Darisha. She is very quiet and sweet; she likes to be with you and be caressed and peted; and she is very caretaking, licking and comforting her brothers, sisters and Mother. Atris gets her new home in Amsterdam in a family of loving Caroline and her two older cats. They become good friends to each other and Atris spends all the time with Happy and Storm. But, as from the very beggining, her favorite activity is climbing up the net .

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Natalia van der Flier said...

From Caroline's mail:

"Dear Natalia and Bob,

Atris is a sweet, happy and active kitten, there's nothing in the house she hasn't climbed yet ;-) She makes friends with my cats, her "big brothers". They completely accept her and love to play together.

Best regards,

Carolien Blansjaar"