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Baduric (Badu)

Badu is a beautiful boy. He has a very nice coat, thick, light, with a silver tipping. His eyes look as if being pencilled with black. He is very playful in his active moments but also he can be serious and quiet, like a mature cat. Now Badu lives in Den Haag in the hospitable home of caretaking Adriana Oele and her two Russian Blue cats Momo and Enzo. His new home-name is Maks

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Natalia van der Flier said...

From Adriana's mail:

"Dear Natalia & Bob, your little boy is doing fine. he is not afraid, not sad, sleeps well, eats en drinks well and has found an excellent sleeping place in the 'krabton' , not accessible for the other two cats.

Thank you and you can be sure that your little boy has found his place in his new home.

Warm regards from Adriana"