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Afina and Bagira

Our Kurillean Bobtails, two beautiful girls Afina and Bagira  are also preparing for their first motherhood.

We didn't  intend to mate them both at the same time. For the beginning we planned to mate only Afina.
But her first visit to Anrian Le Brave Grand Pompon *RU (called name Julius), from the cattery "Lucky Paws" was not successful

Being rather scared she apparently took her time to get used to this lovely and careful male.

After a few weeks under the second attempt it also looked as a failure, although Julius have tried his best.

So, we decided to give her certain rest and try to mate Bagira.

Bagira visited very sweet young boy NL*Boris Kuriles (Timo) who was also as virgin as she.

Bagira is a very sociable and easy going girl, so, their communication from the very beginning developed in a proper way and with good intensity. They both appreciated each other very much and their meeting was very positive.

But at the same time we realized that Afina didn't want to disappoint us, as well. She showed the clear signs of pregnancy. Wow! it was an unexpected revelation!

So, now we prepare to receive two litters of the little Kurilleans with a two weeks interval.
This will be a great challenge and a new experience for us.
But we have trust in our sweet girls and believe they will do everything perfectly :)

In the term of five weeks pregnancy we usually check the future mothers with echo to be aware of the amount of embryos and their disposition. 
So, on the 20-th of January, Afina has been checked as well. It is confirmed that her pregnancy is normal and four babies are properly developed.

Bagira has also been checked in her turn on the 3-d of February. 
The Echo discovered five babies inside!

We are very excited and full of expectations to receive the first litters of our beautiful Kurillean girls :)

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