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Ada has kittens!

On the mid of November 2013 our Ada visited her new mate,  GIC Silver Kaptown Russian Beauty's from the cattery "Russisch Blau von Knjaginja Olga"  in Essen, Germany

The mating took place and appeared to be very successful.
Ada prepared herself  for receiving  her new babies by sleeping a lot and eating correspondingly.

In five weeks pregnancy she has been checked with Echo and it showed  five embryos.

So, in the appropriate time all five babies entered our world.

Although, the labor was rather slow and it took about 10 hours to deliver them all, all the babies were healthy, active and of the similar weight, 90 - 100 gr.

Today these sweet babies are already 10 days old. They all one by one are opening their eyes.
From the first observation there are three boys and two girls.

It is always rather difficult to name the kittens. 
The intention is to find the corresponding Russian names. 
For now we have
for the boys - Ilmen, Ishim,  Irtysh
for the girls - Inta, Istra
These all are the Russian rivers.

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