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Beata's kittens of Litter G in their new homes


In her new home in Maastricht Galinka got another name Pip.
She shares the home with loving Will and the older cat Lola.
They all feel very happy together


Ganusja lives in Diemen, close to A-dam, with very loving couple, Patricia and Rob. 
Their love and care helped Ganusja to adopt herself easily to the new environment.
There is also a good friend for her, Russian Blue female Pixie


Golubok is now Sam. He lives in Nijmegen.
His family consists of Sabine, Maurice and Kurillean Bobtail Maura.
They share big love with each other and have fun together




Gorlick fall in love to Lisanne at first sight. Now he lives with her in Utrecht.
Although there is no any other cat there to make friendship he feels absolutely happy under the careful protection of his best human friend :)


Groschick has been moved to Amersfoort. Now his nick-name is Mees.
He lives with wonderful young family of Iris and Dénis and their little son Liam.
Groschik and Liam are the best friends :)

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