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Litter G - two girls and three boys

They were born in February. Now they are eleven weeks old and in a couple of weeks they will leave mother for their new families.

They all already have been twice de-wormed, tested by the vet, who confirmed their perfect health condition, and got their first vaccination. 

They all are very playful and lovable, very curious and sociable.They enjoy communication with two older bobtails and like to play all together on the balcony, climbing up and down even on the protective net.

We didn't disturb them often with photography, especially while it's very difficult to catch the moments of quietness. But a few pictures we made when specially awoke them what is obviously seen from their faces :)


Beata's daughters 


In her new home in Maastricht Galinka got another name Pip.
She shares the home with loving Will and the older cat Lola.
They all feel very happy together


Ganusja lives in Diemen, close to A-dam, with very loving couple, Patricia and Rob.
There is also a good friend for her, Russian Blue female Pixie :)


Beata's sons


Golubok is now Sam. He lives in Nijmegen.
His family consists of Sabine, Maurice and kurillean bobtail Maura.
They live with love to each other and have fun together


Groschick moved to Amersfoort. He lives with wonderful young family of Iris and Dénis and their little son Liam. Groschick and Liam become the best friends :)


Gorlick  fall in love to Lisanne at  first sight.  Now he lives with her in Utrecht.                                                       And although there is now any cat-friend for him he feels absolutely happy under the careful protection of his best human friend  

We keep  these little sweeties in our hearts  and wish them to be loved by their new families.

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