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The Mother and the aunt

Ada was very curious to look at the babies but Beata didn't allow her even to enter the room. But step by step sweet and problemless Ada  achieved her  goal. She has been allowed first to sit on the bed, then to walk around the litter box and at last to sit on the windowsill looking  inside the box while Beata took a rest.
                    But this was not enough for her, she would like even more - 
                              Adusya decided to get into the box.

 Beata didn't prevent her to our big surprise but only moved  to the edge of the bed for the easier control.

                          But when Ada started to groom and pet the babies

Beata couldn't stand this and jumped into the box, as well.
She clearly showed her disagreement with Ada's invention

                                   and Ada had to leave the box.
                      Mother and her babies were again happy together :) 

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