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Our two new Princess

Our Kurillean Bobtails...  

At last we get them to our house.

They are so wonderful that we can not stop but looking, playing and admiring them.
 They are different  by characters and look, but both are very sweet, loving, very intelligent and cooperative.

This is black Bagira. We call her Basja.

From the very first moment at our house she felt herself confidently and unhesitatingly. 

After a long trip in the minivan she drank a bit of water

and then started exploring her new home

And this is tortie Afina. We call her Fifa.

At the beginning she was hiding herself and we could not find her. 

But the next day  she came out and step by step accepted the  new surrounding with it's unusual sounds, faces, cats and rules. 

As appeared, she is a very lovely girl :)

Basja and Fifa mainly keep together.
Once they found Bob's sandwich at his desk and it was so tempting that they couldn't resist of trying it.

Although, they sleep separately at the self chosen spots they come from time to time to share the "bed" with each other.

We already love our little Kurillean Princess and hope this feeling soon become mutual

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