Supreme Champion


SC Beata de Caritates

Born: 23.05.10
Parents: Keehotay Gurindji Matong x Camelia iz Skasochnoj Stranji
Beata is charming and very sociable cat. Her parents belong to the pure authentic type of the RUS breed which determines her firm body-structure and thick plush hair. Her eyes of a perfect almond shape are filled with bright marshy-greenish light. In time it will change to a distinct green.
Beata is rather direct and curious by nature. When the door-bell rings she is always the first to check who's there. She inspects every open bag, drawer, and box. She is a perfect hunter, chasing small insects and intently watching the birds outside the window. She is very spirited and is always ready to play. She is happy to entertain herself when there is no one around to play with her. We love her sweet childish nature.