Supreme Champion


Darisha von Atmosphaer Cologne

Born: 15.06.08
Parents: IC Oles Wintertag x Ch Anuschka Von Atmosphär Cologne
Darisha was the first cat to join us. She came from Germany. Darisha is a small and graceful light-weight type of RUS breed, with bright emerald eyes. She was very jolly and playful as a kitten. She would easily jump and fly from the highest furniture tops, because of her light frame. She was very agile, and at times it was difficult to follow her sudden movements.
As she matured, she became more meditative. She still may play from time to time, but not as brisk.
She clearly indicates when she is not in a playful mood and prefers not to be disturbed. We always respect her wishes. She remains very refined and walks like a ballerina on her long legs. It is always pleasant to watch her.
When Darisha has kittens, she turns to a perfect and devoted mother.